Professional Services

Great professional services help you solve or avoid a problem, reach an aspiration or goal, or gain insight. Adonai Corporation Microsoft Services does all three—our architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals help you use Microsoft products, services, and software to solve, envision, and understand new possibilities for your business.

Digital Advisory Services

The Digital Advisory Services Program provides advisory services for customers to help them realize the full potential of their Microsoft investments in a mobile first, cloud-first world. We help you find and create business advantage and make work more productive.


Datacenter Services

Businesses rely on technology to stay productive, engage customers in new ways, and compete effectively. As technology trends drive demand for new applications and resources, Microsoft Services can help transform your datacenter to enable business growth through innovation.

Support Services

Our support professionals are fully committed to ensuring we match your requirements and support your business goals through Support’s comprehensive suite of services, which is focused on four key areas of customer needs:Account Management, Incident Prevention services, Technical Support Services & Information Services.


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